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Therapy FAQ's

What to expect from therapy? Therapy also referred to as psychotherapy, treatment, or counseling, has as its core the relationship between you, the client, and I as therapist. Through this relationship mutually agreed upon goals are established by listening to that which you needing or otherwise blind to. Whether it is validation, direction, skill training, or a combination thereof this trusting, respectful relationship is tailored to each client's needs and circumstance and, with the proper connection, results in a changed perspective and improved ability to respond to life's difficulties. Client's come for therapy with the rightful expectation that their lives, or at least some aspect, will improve.

The goals of therapy area as unique as those that arrive in a therapist's office. Benchmarks are just as important, too, in that progress can be made and, ultimately, mutual closure of treatment results.

To streamline your first appointment please download, print, complete, and bring the intake form with you to the first appointment the adult intake or child/adolescent intake forms, whichever is appropriate to your concerns. (Determining who the "client" is can be confusing and complicated in some families.) If my office door is closed upon your arrival please be comfortable until I am able to greet you in the waiting room. (If I'm late, it's usually only a few minutes. Otherwise, I will write a note of how long I am running late.) I will be with you shortly to begin our journey together.

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